Does your dog suffer from seasonal allergies?
Whether dietary or environmental, the allergen itself isn’t the problem. Rather, it’s the way your dog’s body is responding to the allergen. This response is known as inflammation and brings heat with it. So how do we help cool this heat?

No matter where the heat is expressed in the body (e.g., gut, paws or skin), a species-appropriate diet can lay the foundation to a balanced immune system and response. Dogs are scavenger carnivores and require a diet very high in protein and very low in carbohydrates.

But beyond this ratio, how else can the food we feed impact our pups? We can incorporate our knowledge of food energetics! All food has a unique energy or quality to it: warming or cooling, neutral or hot. This is why you crave ice cream on summer days or soup on winter nights.

So if you’re noticing your dog itching, chewing, or licking more this spring season, try a cooling protein like rabbit or duck. Remember, patience is key when dealing with sensitivities. And we’re here to help!