What is a species-appropriate diet? This term is used to identify a diet comprised of those foods most biologically appropriate for any one animal. In layman’s terms, a species-appropriate diet is the best thing you can feed your dogs and cats. It’s what they were made to eat, what they’ve been eating for thousands of years. What kind of food makes up a species-appropriate diet? Is this diet the same for dogs and cats? Is this diet very complicated? How much does it cost to feed my pets this way? Where can I purchase such a food? These are the questions we aim to answer.

What kind of food makes up a species-appropriate diet? For both dogs and cats, a species-appropriate diet consists of what they would naturally hunt in the wild: prey. Whether for a feline or canine, this means fresh and raw muscle meat, organ meat, and bone. Consider also the variety which wild predators find on a day to day basis. A species-appropriate diet is also a rotational diet, consisting of nourishment from a rotating cast of prey animals.

Is this diet the same for dogs and cats? Not quite identical, but a species-appropriate diet can be made suitable for both. There are two essential differences between a species-appropriate diet for dogs and cats. First, cats need Taurine, an amino acid that dogs are able to synthesize and cats are not. Taurine is essential to the function of heart muscle, vision, and the reproductive system. The second difference is carbohydrate content. Cats and dogs both require less carbohydrates than is commonly suggested. Cats, however, require next to none. Some high quality pet manufacturers have produced commercially available raw foods that have been formulated for use with both dogs and cats by adding taurine and keeping the carbohydrate content in an ideal range for both species.

Is this diet very complicated? To feed your pets a species-appropriate diet can be as simple or as involved as you’d like it to be. On the simple end, you can purchase a commercially available, complete and balanced raw food. These foods are generally available in patties, nuggets and chubs. Chubs are packages like a tube of cookie dough that can be cut up and served quite easily to dogs and cats. It is also possible to get more involved in the preparation of your pet’s food. Some choose to prepare meals at home from scratch, a process that takes a bit more research and time. It’s up to you, what fits your lifestyle best?

How much does it cost to feed my pets this way? The amount you would spend feeding a species-appropriate diet will vary according to the size and level of activity of your pets, the form of food you purchase (butcher items, patties, chubs, etc.), and the brand. It is easy to spend a bit of money preparing this diet for your pets, but just as easy to work with our staff to achieve a more economical approach. We like to remind our friends that feeding a species-appropriate diet is an investment in the health and vitality of your pets. A high quality diet may help you avoid other potential health expenditures down the road.

Where can I purchase such a food? Well, right here at Thomas’ Tails, of course. Our store is one of a handful of family owned businesses dedicated to providing you with the tools and goods to give your pets what nature intended for them. Our staff is trained to answer your questions and help you make educated decisions about the health & lifestyle of your furry family.

A species-appropriate raw food diet is the best thing you can feed your dogs and cats. This diet is the reason our family opened this store. We love to help you feed what your pets were designed to eat. We love to watch your companion animals thrive. And we love questions. Stop in and ask a few. We’ll be ready.