Our Promise

We are devoted to helping people love their companion animals appropriately.  We’re here to educate our community on the essence and interactive behaviors of the magnificent creatures and guide our customers in meeting their specific nutritional needs.

Our Story

Our inspiration to begin this journey came in attempting to find a “fix” for our eight-year-old lab’s chronic allergies. After years of vet visits, medications and bills we decided that our lab, Marley, needed something better than a weekly visit to the doc. We began researching, and to our surprise, found many articles linking allergies to the food dogs ate — who knew?! We changed Marley’s food, and within four weeks Marley’s conditions were much improved; we had a much happier dog. Now all 28 of our extended animal family members enjoy the benefits of natural food.

Our Mission

To encourage people to become compassionate pack-herd leaders that respect their companion’s natural behaviors in their current environment.  We seek to cultivate relationships that are positive, uplifting, constructive and healing for both the people and their companion animals.

Thomas’ Tails is the avenue where people can come to meet their companion animal’s nutritional needs and to learn intuitive styles and natural techniques based on different holistic and health centered traditions.  We are driven to educate and offer seminars, sessions, lessons, demonstrations and guest speakers for the better of our community and their companion animals.

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