Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell any animals?

Nope.  We recommend you wander over to Birds and Beasts, that’s where all the critters are.


Do you deliver?

Yes.  For a list of areas and pricing click here.


Can I bring my dog or cat into the store?

Yes, we’d love to meet them.  You’re companion animals are just as welcome at Thomas’ Tails as their “human sidekicks”.


What food should I be feeding?

Our companion animals are individuals and we should respect what their body tells us.  Finding the diet that’s right for your companion is a journey of patience, research and observation.  We recommend contacting us and speaking with our trained staff about your animal’s eating habits and health trends in order to establish dietary and nutritional goals.  Together, we can find the foods your furry ones have been waiting for.


How do I transition my pet onto a new food?

Transitioning your companion animal onto a new food can either be tricky or a walk in the park.  It depends largely on your animal.  Generally, for pets transitioning from one kibble to another, we recommend a transition period of 10 to 14 days to start.  This amount of time works well for most, but not all.  Keep an eye on their stools to see if they’re maintaining consistency or not and ease off or continue appropriately.  With the 10-14 day method, we recommend feeding 75% old food with 25% new food for 2-4 days.  Then graduate to 50% old food with 50% new food for 2-4 days.  Then 25% old food with 75% new food.  Watch your animal, they will usually tell you wether or not to slow down.  When they seem ready, you can leave the old food behind.

Transitioning between types of food, like kibble to canned or kibble to raw, we recommend having a conversation with our staff or a veterinarian about your companion animals diet history and health status.  Again, transitioning can be easy, but its best to play it safe and do it right the first time.


What is a raw diet?

A raw diet is essentially a diet for your companion animals made up of raw, uncooked foods.  Why would you want to feed your pets raw?  We believe that a raw diet is the most biologically appropriate diet for dogs and cats.  We don’t expect you to take only our word on this matter.  We encourage you to do a little research on raw diets.  Below are a couple of links to great, easy to understand articles on this topic.  These should help you better understand what constitutes a raw diet and why this is the best food for your companion animals.

Dr. Becker Discusses Raw Food Diets

The Evolution of the Raw Dog Food Diet


Do you offer discounts for professionals?

Discounts for professionals are considered on an individual basis.  Please contact us and speak with a manager if you are a professional or represent a professional and are interested in more information about possible discounts.


Do you have a rewards program?

Why, yes.  We do.  Thomas’ Tails offers rewards for our returning customers.  Have us enter you in our system today and start earning!  Our rewards program is quite simple:  for every $100 you accumulate in sales, we give you $5 off on your next purchase.  Pretty great right?  (Thomas’ Tails Rewards Program may not be combined with certain offers and promotions.)


What is your return policy?

Any unopened product returned within 15 days of purchase may be returned for a full refund.  There is a 10 day hold on returned items that were purchased using a check.