It is important to realize that an allergic reaction is simply an immune system over-response.  Most mainstream treatments rely on the use of antihistamines and corticosteroids, drugs that suppress the immune system.  While this can rid the body of symptoms for some time, the underlying cause isn’t at all addressed or treated… view full article


Astragalus is an herb of many talents.  For thousands of years, this plant has been found effective in strengthening the body against disease.  Astragalus has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties and is a respected adaptogen and immune stimulator… view full article

Grain-Free Diets

At Thomas’ Tails, we put the health and well being of your pets first.  This is why we urge you to consider reducing and possibly eliminating grains from your dog or cat’s diet.  This article was not written because grain-free foods are trendy.  This article was not written because grain-free foods are edgy or popular.  This article was written because Thomas’ Tails feels that grain-free foods are one facet of a well-balanced, species appropriate diet.  And we feel that you deserve to hear it from your local pet food store… view full article

Holiday Do’s & Don’ts

Pet Hazards to Avoid & Healthy Alternatives

With Thanksgiving still fresh in our minds, breath, and tupperware, and with two more holidays still ahead, we’d like to identify some of the foods around the kitchen that your dogs and cats should not be eating, and those they most certainly can. The holidays are almost never a time of perfect planning, so we hope that with a little mental preparation and some tips, we might help you give your pets a healthier, tastier holiday experience… view full article

Species Appropriate Diet

Feeding Our Pets What They Were Meant to Eat

What is a species-appropriate diet? This term is used to identify a diet comprised of those foods most biologically appropriate for any one animal. In layman’s terms, a species-appropriate diet is the best thing you can feed your dogs and cats. It’s what they were made to eat, what they’ve been eating for thousands of years… view full article

The Cat’s Meow

3 Easy Steps for Spotting the Best Food For Your Cat

Finding the right cat food can be overwhelming.  When you walk into a pet food store, you get bombarded with clever advertising, catchy packaging, and popular words like “natural” and “premium”.  Pet food manufacturers get more savvy every year at covering their product with words and images that make you think you’re buying the best stuff on the planet.  Who’s right?  We’ve listed three crucial points of comparison that will help you see past the marketing and choose a truly appropriate food for your cat.  After all, they deserve the best… view full article

Two Great Adaptogenic Herbs

An adaptogenic herb is a medicinal plant sought for its ability to correct bodily imbalances and increase resistance to stress, fatigue, anxiety, and trauma.  These herbs enhance the immune system, counteract stress, and improve stamina and endurance.  Consider an adaptogen a regulator, it may help to lower high blood pressure in one body while it helps to raise low blood pressure in another… view full article